A New Consignment Support Program:
Introducing a new web-based business opportunity within the visual arts industry - a pre-edited online visual marketing directory, catalog, and search engine!

People once turned to the Yellow Pages and magazines to find local, national, and international galleries, antique sellers, and art dealers. Now that the Internet can provide this service, it is the premier vehicle used to find high-end, one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Yet, for art businesses, having a website is not enough. Art professionals need a partner with a proven track record and the know-how to help them profit from this new technology. Busacca Gallery can help art-based businesses form a well-positioned Internet strategy to help them capitalize on the amazing opportunities available through this venue.

Let us sell your art and find it:
Busacca Gallery offers consignment support programs to select artists and antique galleries. Our job is to assess our clients' marketing needs and deliver a highly effective Internet strategy, including a custom-tailored solution to generate ongoing profits with a low cost of participation. Our client Internet solutions are conceived at Busacca Gallery, an elegant display space located in San Francisco's affluent Russian Hill.

With more than 25 years in the art business, Mark Busacca has built an exceptionally sophisticated infrastructure and proven web art business system - in short, a profitable website and search engine for high-quality visual art transactions.

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The gallery's client support system provides both artists and dealers with an exceptional opportunity to attract the interest of art buyers worldwide. In essence, income can be generated while you sleep.

In a nutshell:
Busacca Gallery provides pre-edited online catalog visuals and a sophisticated search engine, providing buyers with a dependable, easy-to-use directory of hand-picked quality art and collectables. We feature creativity from a range of clients: collectors, artists, dealers, interior designers, architects, teachers, and students.

Once a customer identifies an item of interest on our website, a simple click takes them directly to the item name, price, size, and description in addition to providing a fast and safe way to buy and ship that item online should they choose to do so.

The fine print:
Inclusion is by invitation only, and Busacca Gallery edits all applicants to get the best art and collectables.

Busacca Gallery does all marketing and design work for each item placed on the website. We drive large amounts of traffic to the site by advertising within our categories and using keyword groups, highly targeted premium sites, and other marketing strategies.

We have contracts with the artists, antique owners, galleries, and dealers, allowing us the right to sell their art and collectables. We have shipping insurance agreements and contracts with shipping vendors integrated into our software. The new owner of the piece pays the full cost of shipping.

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All parties are paid automatically through the website's software within ten days of delivery and approval from the new owner. Our bank and PayPal ensure all transactions between Busacca Gallery and our vendors are secure.

Mission statement:
Our mission is to connect, educate, empower, and promote creative people in the visual and literary arts by providing a supportive community online. We specialize in visualization tools and interfaces that make it easy to understand complex art collecting. We post shows, events, classes, interactive forums, competitions, jobs, galleries, portfolios, hundreds of art links, advice, techniques, and artists' stories. Like the artists, buyers, and vendors we serve, we love art and we're passionate about collecting, learning about, and finding the best pieces of art for our own special addictions.

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